When its time to get some work done, upgrade a system or solve a problem, we all want to find that place with the guys everyone goes to so it gets done right at a fair price.

Driven Audio is made up of those people. Founded in 2010 by Tony Dehnke with Steve Sheppe and Nick Pocklington, the trio has a level of knowledge and experience you don’t often find today.

Tony Dehnke

A techie from the time he got his first computer, keyboard, drum kit or his first cd player way back in 1987, Tony has had a passion for merging music, technology and information to make great sounding cars. In 1995 he turned those passions into a career in the mobile electronics industry. Starting at Unruh’s Audio Video in Chilliwack BC he became a product specialist and trainer in the prairies for some of the top names in Mobile Audio including Clarion, Rockford Fosgate, Focal, Audison and more. In 2010 he returned to the Fraser Valley to found Driven Audio and bring his expertise in Car Audio to Abbotsford.

When he’s not keeping up on the latest mobile solutions, Tony enjoys getting away fishing, camping or catching up on a good movie.

Favorite bands: Pink Floyd, Pearl Jam

Steve Sheppe

The 12V industry is one of the toughest to become a Master Technician in, the skill sets required include electronics specialist, woodworking, upholstery, acoustical engineering, body work, fabricator, artist, mechanic, troubleshooter. There are very few that become adept at a few of those skills and few still that become proficient at most, and only a select few master several. Steve is regarded as a Master of many skills by his peers in the industry and by all of our customers. Steve’s ability to fabricate solutions that make aftermarket devices truly work and appear to have been delivered from the factory that way is what brings people back time and again to have him ensure that the work done is to his standards.

Steve started out in this industry on Vancouver Island before moving to the Fraser Valley with his family, settling in Abbotsford. Lacrosse games with his children and weekends camping, or taking in the UFC matches occupy a lot of his off work time. He also loves to work on vehicles, lifting his trucks, or turning a wrench on another suspension upgrade with a buddy.

Favorite Bands: Sublime, Swollen Members, Metallica

Nick Pocklington

Nick has been involved in the car audio scene in the Abbotsford area for over 15 years, and he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Driven Audio we are fortunate to have! There are few people in the valley that have worked with as many vehicles or products as he has, giving him the ability to quickly assess a vehicles requirements and find what our customers needs are, select the proper equipment and installation parameters to meet those needs. Nick’s extensive music collection shows that no matter what you love to listen to, he knows how it should sound! Couple that knowledge of music with his product and system design knowledge and you have all the ingredients you need to get a system built that will deliver the goods!

Outside of work Nick loves to hit the links around BC with friends or swing the bat at the local ball diamonds.

Quote: “There is no replacement for displacement”
Favorite Bands: Beastie Boys, Tenacious D, AC/DC

Ben Lowe

Ben was one of our first customers when we opened Driven Audio in the spring of 2010. His passion for classic Datsun and Nissan coupes got him working on cars and his love of tunes to cruise with got him under the dash of his own cars and upgrading stereos for friends. Pretty much the way we all got started in this industry! His skill sets continue to get honed and expand working with all of us. Ben loves to work with new technologies and precision processors and exotic “tweaky” products.

When he’s not at Driven Audio, Ben is continuing his post-secondary education at the University of the Fraser Valley. After hours he’s off to Vancouver for the nightlife.

Favorite Bands: Bob Seager, Pink Floyd, Dire Staights