iPad Car Dock – Overhead iPad Dock for Cars, Trucks & Vans

Apple’s iPad is great to travel with, when you have an Apple iPad Car Dock to hold it. Load it up with movies, TV shows and videos, and you have hours of entertainment. Do you really want to hold it or prop it up in your vehicle for hours? Have cables running all over to power it and hook it up to your cars stereo? Risk having it fall and break? Of course not!

Magnadyne MV-IPAD Overhead Ceiling Ipad Car Dock
Roof Mount iPad Car Dock with Headphone from Driven Audio & Movie Vision

UPDATE: Our iPad Car Dock has been tested with Apple’s 2012 “the New iPad” fits and works with this dock.

We have the solution for keeping you iPad 1, iPad 2 and the 2012 “New iPad” safe, charged, hooked up and viewable on your road trips. Magnadyne has made a simple overhead iPad vehicle dock solution in their Movie Vision line that easily mounts on the roof liner of your vehicle. We wire up all the power and other goodies to it, so that your iPad charges and is held securely in place and can be removed quickly to take it into your home or hotel – with no extra bulk or parts hanging on.

Mount Solution – Apple iPad Car Dock

When the iPad (version 1 or iPad2 or New iPad, iPad 3) is in the ceiling mounted iPad Car Docking station, you can stow the screen up and it hides away securely. Flip it down with the quick release button and the dock folds down to to virtually any angle you want – making sure your backseat passengers have a good view -short or tall!

Audio Solutions – iPad Car Dock

Built in wireless transmitters send the audio signal to wireless headphones that come with the screen – so your little ones can enjoy their audio in the back while you converse our enjoy your favorite music in the front! Want to connect iPad to Car Stereo so the whole family can listen in, the built in FM transmitter broadcasts the signal to your cars radio, where you control the volume. With all this it’s the ultimate “iPad Car Charger FM Transmitter Dock” – wow that’s a mouthful! The iPad Overhead Dock works with the following iPads:

  • Original iPad or iPad 1
  • iPad 2 or iPad2
  • 2012 iPad or the New iPad 3 with Retina Screen (2012 iPad)

Check you the video below to see more on how the Movie Vision MV-IPAD2 installs and works in your vehicle. Then come by the store so we can show you why we are the place for iPad Car Integration, then you can say “I’ve got iPad in My Car!”



In Car iPad Overhead Docking Station for iPad1 and iPad2.
In Car iPad Overhead Docking Station for iPad1 and iPad2.


For USA & International (outside Canada) requests on this product, please contact MagnaDyne. Here is a link to contact them directly:  Magnadyne Contact Form


We are able to sell and ship these to Canada Only.

Driven Audio carries and creates custom iPad Car Docks.


  1. Dennis Manz says

    I am interested in buying your ceiling mounted iPad docking station. Can you please indicate cost supplied to Melbourne, Australia. Also we do a lot of rugged 4WD with corrugated gravel roads. Will the hinge take the punishment that hours of jolting about during 4WD provides. The system would be perfect for running off-road maps.

    • says

      Hi Dennis,
      This unit is designed for regular consumer use.. it’s reasonably strong, but really it would have to be tested in your type of vehicle and environment before we could say yes or no. I’ll contact you directly via email for your other requests.

  2. kelly says

    I have a 2007 Mazda CX9 grand touring with the bose package and ceiling mount dvd player. My dvd screen has just crashed and burned. I was wondering if I can replace my current dvd player with this? Will this work with the Ipad 3 that was just released? Also, wondering if you have an insert to attach ipods for viewing? Thanks for any information.

    • says

      Hi Kelly, we will have to wait for delivery of the new iPad 3 or iPad HD released March 2012. You can use this as a replacement for your current overhead. I will update the original post once the fit with iPad 3 has been verified.

    • says

      While there is no built in provision for a wired connection for audio, it is easy to do a quick mod to the unit and add a wired connection. Some basic electronics knowledge and skills are required. However any good car audio installation facility could do them for you.

    • says

      Yes John, it will work with most stock radios. The FM transmitter works well with most radio’s, sound quality will vary depending on the quality and shielding of your stock radio.

  3. Jeremy says

    I can’t get the link to magnadyne to work. I am interested in this product. Located in the USA. Thanks.

  4. Peter & Arlenw says

    Do You have this model for iPad 4?
    And if You have it;
    How much does it cost?
    We live in Sweden (incl transport please).
    Best regards,
    Peter & Arlene

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