Remote Car Starter Systems

Remote Start Your Frozen Car with Driven AudioHaving a remote car starter installed in your vehicle is one of the best ways to beat the cold, wet, damp, snowy winters here in British Columbia. (I know – it’s a horrible picture to paint, isn’t it!).

Let’s forget that picture quickly and replace it with this: Touch a button on your car remote from the warmth of your home or office, and your car starts like magic. A few minutes later, you go out to a warm car with the windows defrosted, seats pre-warmed and headlights on, illuminating the path to your car. No more scraping windows, grabbing a frozen steering wheel or waiting for the damp cold to be replaced by warm air in your car or truck.

Whether you are in Abbotsford, Mission, Chilliwack or anywhere in the Fraser Valley, Driven Audio has a remote car starter solution that will work for you – and the installation technicians to get job done properly.

You can also check out our Remote Car Starter Questions FAQ to get answers to the most common questions we get asked about remote starters.

Knowing what works best in remote car starter systems

Now that you know why you want a remote car starter, you need to learn about how to choose the right remote starter for your vehicle, and to make sure you have it installed properly. With more than 50 years of combined experience in installing remote start systems and car security systems (or car alarms, as they used to be called), Driven Audio has learned what works best. Not only have we done a lot of installations ourselves, we’ve also fixed a lot of remote car starter installations that people have tried on their own or had a buddy do for them cheaply.

Your vehicle is one of the most expensive purchases you are likely to make, and you need it every day. Don’t put that investment at risk by choosing cheap installation and the lowest price – it’s just not worth it when it comes to remote car starters.

Our friend Mitch Schaffer, owner of Mobile Edge in Pennsylvania, USA, wrote the book on buying a Remote Car Starter (literally!). For his insights on making that choice, or if you doubt anything we are saying, check out his book!

Installation of your remote car starter system

The installation of your remote start system is the most important decision of your purchase. The electrical and computer systems in them require knowledge and up-to-date training to properly integrate your remote car starter with them. Today’s vehicles have computer data bus systems, security keys, transponders and multi-stage ignition systems all have to interface properly to safely remote-start your vehicle.

The training our installation technicians receive every year, backed by the two best technical support teams from Directed Electronics Viper and Compustar Pro, ensure that your remote car starter from Driven Audio is installed and programmed to control your vehicle security systems and to start your car safely and correctly every time. Our lifetime installation warranty guarantees that.

Choosing the right type of remote car starter for your vehicle

The first remote engine start systems were little more than black remotes with one button to start your car or truck. We have come a long way since then. Today, you have several options for how to control the remote starter and convenience systems in your vehicle:

  • Remote Car Starter Transmitter from Driven Audio
    Remote car starter transmitter from Driven Audio.

    From your existing factory keyless entry remote fob – yes, even if it doesn’t have a remote start button now!

  • With a new one-button remote start add-on remote transmitter
  • With a two-way responder remote that provides up to one-mile range from your vehicle
  • Using your iPhone, Android or Blackberry smartphone with DEI’s SmartStart system or Compustar’s Drone – now you can start your car on the Skytrain back from Vancouver!

You can even use a combination of those to give you the best control and ease of use for your new remote car starter.

Not sure of the best solution for your vehicle? No worries – our trained experts will show you the options available for your vehicle and help you choose the best system for reliability and your comfort. We will be here to help you after the installation if you have any questions or concerns about the operation of your remote car starter or alarm system.

What else can a remote car starter do?

Just as smartphone and vehicle technology has evolved, so has what remote car starters can do. Today, we can enhance the features of your stock remote start system, your factory “anti-theft” system and more. Some of the most popular options are:

  • Adding passive keyless entry – Just walk up to your car, and the doors unlock for you automatically – handsfree!
  • GPS systems for vehicle tracking and theft recovery – These are very popular options for work trucks and work vans, as well as parents of teen drivers who use the system to ensure their teens are driving safely and are where they should be.
  • Turbo Timer Shutdown for diesel vehicles – This simple add-on ensures your turbo cools down before the engine turns off.
  • Check engine code diagnostics – With Viper Smart Start, you can view any Check Engine codes your vehicle my have right from your phone, saving you a trip to the dealer or repair shop to find out why that light is on.
  • Turn on your defrost and heated seats when you remote-start your vehicle.
  • Control your vehicle’s power door locks and keyless entry, too, of course!
  • Just about anything else you can imagine or need it to do –just ask us and we will make it happen.

Purchasing a remote car starter is easy when you know the right questions to ask and what to look for. We invite you to come down to our facility in Abbotsford, BC, and let us show you the remote car starter solutions we have for you, and why Driven Audio is the right choice for your remote car starter installation.