RFID Proximity Keyless Entry Systems from Viper & Compustar

Image being able to unlock & disarm your car security system by just walking up to your vehicle – you can with an RFID Proximity Keyless Entry System. We’ve fallen in love with two cool new vehicle security & remote start add-on systems that let your car unlock automatically whenever you get within a few feet of your vehicle to get in. The Compustar FT-EZGo and the Viper PKE Keyless entry systems we carry in Abbotsford both use the passive identification technology RFID to alert your car alarm when you approach the car, allowing the system to disarm and unlock your doors for hassle free entry. True Hands-Free Keyless Entry!

Compustar EZGo RFID Proximity Keyless Entry System - Driven Audio, Abbostford, BC
Compustar’s EZGo RFID Proximity Keyless Entry System

RFID Proximity Keyless Entry – Cool Technology for your Vehicle

The systems work in a similar way to the key card systems seen in offices for the last few years. There is an antenna mounted in your vehicle that has a range of about 5 feet. When the mini RFID fob enters the antenna’s range as you approach your car, the system recognizes the secure ID coded to  it, and unlocks your doors for you like magic. The systems work to automatically lock your vehicle as you walk away with your keys. We are seeing Proximity Keyless Entry on new vehicles like the Corvette, newer BMW’s, and more.  Now we can easily add RFID Passive Keyless Entryto virtually any vehicle easily and affordably.

Adding RFID Proximity Keyless Entry to your vehicle or Security System is Easy

Both the Viper PKE (Passive Keyless Entry) and Compustar FT-EZGo Keyless Entry Systems we offer have been designed to work with both factory security systems and Viper Car Alarms and our Compustar Alarm systems. Our technicians can add Passive Keyless Entryto your factory remote controls, most existing vehicle security systems and of course to any new security system or remote car starter we install for you. Our factory trained staff can help you decide which system is best for you, and let you know how we can best integrate it to your vehicle.

Viper PKE RFID Proximity Keyless Entry System - Driven Audio, Abbotsford, BC
Viper’s PKE fob for their RFID Proximity Keyless Entry System

Get a Free Demo of RFID proximity Keyless Entry Today

You really have to try out our RFID Proximity Keyless Entry systems to see just how simple and cool they are. We use these passive RFID systems in our own vehicles and would be happy to show you just how simple and reliable the Compustar EZGo and Viper PKE systems are. Please come by Driven Audio in Abbotsford and let us show you how we can make your vehicle even easier for you  to enter with an RFID Proximity Keyless Entry System.


  1. John Desjardins says

    RFID proximity keyless entry system for my 07 tundra is just what I need since I forget to lock my doors.
    Please call me to set appointment.

    Thank you,


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